The Joys of Travel Hiccups

The Joys of Travel Hiccups

November 30, 2015 Travel 1

You know that feeling you get right before clicking the ‘purchase’ button when buying plane tickets?  Especially plane tickets that cost 4 figures?  Heart racing…palms sweaty…head swimming…double, triple and quadruple checking dates and times.

But that’s what travel insurance is for right?  So we can have confidence in going ahead with a very large travel purchase? WELL I SURE HOPE SO!

After purchasing our plane tickets from separate airlines for our entire journey:  Australia – New Zealand – Houston – NY, I found a certain amount of pleasure in seeing all my ducks lined up in a row.  Dates and times all worked together to make a beautiful symphony of traveling music to my ears.

But it wasn’t long before that lovely upbeat melody became sinister.  Our flights from New Zealand to America got changed to the next day (cue minor chords).  This made our internal flights in America obsolete.

Sigh…or, more accurately… AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH…

The problem with buying the cheapest tickets you can find is that it costs more to change the date of the flight than to cancel with no hope of refund, and then rebuy.  This is where I hung my head in defeat.  The guy on the other end of the line did seem genuinely disappointed for me and my situation.  And he should be, after I had to wait on hold for 20 minutes…and then 20 more minutes…and then 20 more minutes.

LUCKILY (I hope)…we have travel insurance.  One of the perks of our Frequent Flyer credit card (one of our ‘saving money’ tricks – we buy EVERYTHING we can on our credit card – pay it off straight away – and get frequent flyer points which are going to pay for our entire family to fly from America back to Australia at the end of the trip).  This credit card comes with a yearly fee, but the cost of the travel insurance it includes is cheaper than if we bought the insurance separately.  We are so savvy.

Our claim is in…and now we wait…for 10 to 20 business days, to see if our travel insurance actually covers this kind of thing.  C’est la vie.

Update: As it turns out, our travel insurance DOES NOT cover this particular hiccup…if you are concerned about this issue make sure to search your travel insurance thoroughly…although it’s possible that it’s one of those things that does not get covered by anyone.


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  1. Joyce Lee says:

    Whew! I know it is a nightmare!!!! Will be praying for all your details…God is in control as you well know.

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