Sorry, I’ve Been Writing

Sorry, I’ve Been Writing

December 14, 2020 blogs Life Writing 0

I thought it was about time I add an update about that writing experiment I was talking about before. It’s been over a year now since it all began and something incredible has happened.

It all started with an idea to write a book for the fun of it. I shared previously that I uploaded my book to Wattpad intending to share my journey with you, and then I stopped communicating on the subject.

I got a little sidetracked by book publishing.

Turns out, I was happy with how that book came together. And after fully uploading it to Wattpad and having almost no one read it there (it’s not really the right platform for crime fiction) I had it edited then published it on Amazon in February 2020. Right before COVID struck. Then, while in lockdown with the rest of the world, I wrote book two in the series. That was published in September 2020. As of this moment I am on my final edit of book three in the series to be published in February 2021. It’s crazy.

When I first shared about my little experiment way back in June 2019, I never expected to be where I am now. Originally, I had no intention of publishing the book I wrote. Not formally, anyway. But it hooked me big time, and I am loving writing and publishing books. My current series has six books planned in total.

The above mentioned books are under a pen name, but I intend to publish under my real name as well. I currently have a three book series coming together at the outline stage with a few other ideas to throw in the mix. I hope to have that steaming along sometime next year.

As for my experiment? Consider it officially over. It’s no longer under trial. If you are interested in crime fiction, you can find out more at my books website:



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