Pilgrim's Packing List vs My 2016 Packing List

Pilgrim's Packing List vs My 2016 Packing List

February 22, 2016 Travel 0

While gathering the necessities for our upcoming trip I came across a packing list published in “A Pilgrims Travel Guide” – written in the days when travellers were by necessity, adventurers. The list of 100 or so items was necessary in the days before travel insurance and health care but resembled what might be packed for an overnight stay with an infant with items such as:

  • Powder
  • Blankets
  • Rugs
  • Muffler
  • 2 yards of waterproof cloth
  • Bedding…vaseline…cotton…soap
  • Small axe…erm, you know, only the basics

Alas the days of infants are behind us… and the sun is once again shining.  But with 3 kids, there are some important items to help make the trip easier and more enjoyable.

Because we will be spending most of the rest of the year happily pressed up against one another…

(insert cricket chirp)

…we have a few necessities of our own:

A small box of legos –

I have friends and family who do not know what a small box of legos is, and it may appear to be an oxymoron, but it’s true.  We have managed to gather a rather measly accumulation but a great size to throw in the bottom of a suitcase and will come in handy on our long car trips. I’m actually surprised this was not included in the Pilgrim’s Guide.

Medical Supplies –

The Travel Guide has 17 listed.  I’m not sure what Amrutanjan is, but I’m sure it was important.  I like the ‘4-way’ antibiotic you can get from any Chemist (Pharmacy).  It has an analgesic (that means it numbs the skin) that does wonders for a paper cut.

Kindle Fire –

Amazon has an added bonus with their kids version – a 2 year worry free warranty.  If we run over it or a bear eats it, we can get a replacement – no questions asked.  And with the included 1 year subscription to Kindle Unlimited…homeschooling is easier.  And anything that makes homeschooling easier is good.

Go Pro –

We are going to have an awesome time and we should record some of it… or not, we’ll see what happens.

iPad –

My splurge, but it’s cheaper than a laptop and it will help with the homeschooling, the blog, traveling and I think it probably crosses off half the stuff on the Pilgrim’s Guide.  I’m sure in a pickle it could set a broken bone too.

Selfie Stick –

No I’m only joking.

That one stuffed animal –

When I was a kid there was one trip to my grandparents house – mom let me bring them all…I didn’t want any of them to feel left out.  Lucky for me, my kids aren’t into stuffed animals.  But they each have one, I think only because the other ones have one…


There are lots of other things…after all, we will be gone for months, but the world has changed a lot in a short time.  It’s much smaller and there aren’t many unexplored areas anymore.  But for us, we are doing something none of us has done before.  We have our own insulated expedition…5 weeks and counting.


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