Out of the Ordinary Devotions – Now Available!

Out of the Ordinary Devotions – Now Available!

September 4, 2017 Faith Parenting 0

Out of the Ordinary Devotions: A Parents Guide to Using Minecraft as a Devotional Tool

With this book you will be able to teach your kids how to:

  • Use secular activities to bring God glory
  • Hear God’s voice and know what it sounds like
  • Make better decisions regarding good and evil
  • Engage with the world around them, God’s way

With the added bonus of building relationship with them by your interest in their activities

A New Way of Approaching Kids Devotions

What if you could use your kids favourite secular games to teach them about God? And what if those same games became a doorway for them to interact with the world in a godly way?

The purpose of ‘Out of the Ordinary Devotions’ is to teach parents to guide their children to do just that.

With this book you will be given examples of how to use Minecraft to teach your children Biblical principles. You will also find exercises to do with your children that teaches them how to hear God for themselves. And it doesn’t have to stop at Minecraft. These are lessons that can be applied to anything your children might be playing or reading.

The aim of this book is to equip parents to use whatever their kids are interested in – to build them up in Christ.

You can buy in now on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 ($3.99AU).

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