One Small Thing

One Small Thing

November 16, 2015 Short Stories 0

In a very small town with the small name of Bitty,
Lived a very small boy with a funny name, Giddy.
He had reddish brown hair and spent time on his own.
The fact is, this boy was not very well known.

A likeable place this small town of Bitty.
But all was not well and all was not pretty.
This very small town had one very big trouble.
The trouble in town had the big name of Rubble.

Rubble would roam the streets night and day,
Ruling the people in a very bad way.
He was very unkind and completely unfair.
He would not let the people sit down in a chair!

Things had not always been this way for Bitty.
They were once seen as a very great city.
The small town of Bitty was once much admired.
The King gave the people the things they desired.

The great King cared for and loved this small town.
He would have preferred to give each one a crown.
He wanted to give all his people the best.
But this great care put them all to the test.

They were happy with things, the people of Bitty.
But it wasn’t long for this very small city.
Too soon they began to get selfish and proud.
Their cries for much more grew so very loud.

The King just watched on as his big smile faded.
He knew that the town would not last long unaided.
Then one day the King disappeared with a frown.
Soon after that, Rubble moved into the town.

The people could not find food for their table.
Looking after themselves, they were not able.
The people of Bitty didn’t know what to do.
They could barely do one thing and rarely do two.

Lucky for those in this very small town,
That the very small boy with his hair reddish brown,
Was able to do one very small thing.
Good food for their table he was able to bring.

So while everyone else had grown fearful and scared,
Giddy had grown potatoes and with them he shared.
But all still seemed hopeless and the people cried out.
And it certainly felt like there was no one about.

But the King was not missing as they had first thought.
He watched Giddy with joy at what he had brought.
The King with a smile knew just what to do.
He knew it was Giddy that he could go to.

The King asked the boy if he would stand up and fight.
But the boy was confused and thought, that can’t be right.
He said, “I’m so small and can do one small thing.”
“Not when I’ve sent you,” was the reply from the King.

The boy bravely battled that day for the land,
With the power of the King right there in his hand.
Out of the very depths of his heart,
Came out a courage that set him apart.

He put up his hand to fight that day.
He stood up to Rubble and sent him away.
A very small boy who could do one small thing.
Can do so much more when he’s called by the King.

So if you are feeling like you are too small,
Know that the King does not see that at all.
What he expects is that you do your best.
Just give Him your all and He’ll do the rest.

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