One Day Makes all the Difference in the World

One Day Makes all the Difference in the World

January 4, 2016 Travel 1

That new day that brought the first of January 2016 means I now feel like I can begin praparing for our trip in April.  It was less than a week ago I would roll my eyes everytime Matt was stalking through the house finding things to pack.

Isn’t it funny how one day makes such a weighty difference in our perception.  Not a day where life is made or taken.  Not a day for a big move or a new job.  For most people, nothing has changed except the year.


One minute we are slouched on the couch licking potato chip crumbs off our fingers and the next we are pumping weights at the gym.  One minute we feel stuck in a rut, convinced this is as good as it gets and the next we are ready to conquor the world.

It’s still a few months away, but I’ve begun getting the house organised – as packing takes on a intoxicating urgency.  I’ve begun researching traveling apps and calculating food and fuel costs.  Matt and I are grinning and hopping around the house like kids who just found out they’d won a lifetime supply of ice cream.

2016 holds great adventure for our family.  We will be driving about 10000 miles – Homeschooling our kids – Living out of a van –  Most likely camping, at some point, in a Walmart parking lot – Having showers at truck stop amenities – Hiking in bear country –  Canoeing over green/blue crystal clear lakes – Eating new foods, making new friends, trying new things, and just plane old becoming new.

As of today, January 5th 2016 – we have approximately 11 weeks left in Far North Qld and 13 left in Australia.

Cheers to a year of crazyiness, growth, fear, joy, excitement, opportunity and above all…WONDER!


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  1. joyce Lee says:

    Forgot to comment on this one… What hit me is that I think that very thing. Often it is the difference between the before a 15 minute snooze and after that snooze! God isn’t any different, but my ability to hear Him is worlds apart!

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