Mangawhai New Zealand

Mangawhai New Zealand

April 13, 2016 Travel 1

There is nothing like a 3 year old with a stomach bug to make you suddenly miss home. After cleaning up a car seat with socks (because that’s all we had)…then cleaning up someone else’s bed… I was reminded how much easier it is to deal with sick when you are in your own home – except we don’t have one any more.

It was the middle of the night that I missed home the most as I showered my daughter and set up a new place for her to finish sleeping.  I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, listening carefully not wanting to have to go through it all again.  Lucky for us, the first few days here we have been thoroughly wooed, so it’s been a small sacrifice.

Mangawhai Heads

Before losing sleep from a sick child, I was exhausted in a most wonderful way…walking with the kids through paths unknown and discovering 360 degree views of the village, farms, and ocean…it’s a great town for that.  You can find that you don’t know where you are…but you aren’t lost.  

Trails lead to new treasures…new views…new adventure, and the kids are determined to find out where every path leads.  Later in the day we discovered starfish filling up the shallow water…pippies and cockles in the sand…crabs.

We were invited to Mangawhai NZ by Colin and Anne, Pastors of Causeway Church, who we originally met in Port Douglas years ago and it has taken quite some time to make it over here.  It is the first of the unfamiliar territory and we are a bit spoiled.  I find myself constantly surprised by the view from the house we have been given to stay in.  I think we may have fallen in love with this little town.

Sunday Matt preached at church and we had a really great time getting to know people in the church.  Ada jumped right in when the kids all got up to lead the church in a song.  She had no trouble following along with the motions…must be all that practice she had doing ‘Aqua Zumba’ at the lagoon in Cairns.

With one more week to go we are making the most of our time, exploring, building friendships, enjoying our new surroundings.  It’s been an incredible start to our journey outside Australia and we look forward to the continuing adventure ahead.


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  1. Clare Pemberton. says:

    So so glad you enjoyed little big as New Zealand. Made me cry your writing.
    Miss home and thanks for sharing.

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