How to Know When not to Give Up (or What Childbirth Taught me about Entrepreneurship)

How to Know When not to Give Up (or What Childbirth Taught me about Entrepreneurship)

January 5, 2017 Life 0

The age of the internet has opened the doors wide for business endeavours to be constructed from the couch, wearing pyjamas. This has been a godsend for mothers all over the world who have had the opportunity to see their dreams realised through building a business while cleaning up the remnants of a damp cracker from between their toes.

It’s not surprising that mothers make great entrepreneurs. Childbirth is one of the most valuable experiences a person can have when learning what it takes to make a business (or any dream for that matter) bloom.

There is something that happens near the end of labour that brings moms to the point of wanting to give up…except they can’t. That’s exactly how it happened for me. As my world condensed into a pinpoint of focus that only left room for the pain, the words ‘I can’t do it anymore’ formed clearly in my mind and taught me an invaluable lesson about pursuing my dreams. As textbook births go, mine fit the bill and I learned that breakthrough is often just beyond an overwhelming desire to give up.

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As I’ve travelled through life and attempted different hobbies or business ventures, often times I have found myself in a similar pinpoint of pain. The desire to give up can be staggering and I’d like to say that I always pushed through, but I have often fallen prey to the struggle.

While there are times when quitting is appropriate, it can be too easy to allow a feeling of despair to rob you of your dreams.

Before you decide to give up, make sure it’s for the right reasons. I’ve listed a few that are often the cause of defeat, but they are often the very reasons you should keep going.

The presence of pain

The fact that their is pain is in itself a good reason to keep going. Even if something is worth quitting, you are best waiting till the pain has passed before giving up. Anything that is worth pursuing is going to hurt sometimes.


If you’ve every tried knitting, you may (or may not) understand my feelings when I quit. I was tired of making the same pot-holder type square over and over again so it didn’t bother me at all when I stopped. Writing, on the other hand, I have a love/hate relationship with because it is inbuilt. As much as I’ve tried to do without it over the years, I always come back to it. If what you are pursuing would be a torture to do without, then don’t give it up.


Often that feeling of ‘I can’t do this anymore’ comes out of  feeling like you’ve hit a wall. This can be frustrating and give you a sense of failure, but it’s that exact moment you need to begin to believe for breakthrough. Don’t let frustration be the thing that brings you undone. If you are feeling like you’ve hit a well, it is probably a good time to step back, take a deep breath and plunge back in.


If you are working at building up something that has been a dream, it’s almost always worth enduring to see it through. Perhaps you’ve failed in the past – good – failure is part of success. Don’t let failure become what it is not…a reason to quit. Those who have gotten the most out of life are the ones who pick themselves up and keep going. Rejoice in your failure as one step closer to your goal.

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Let me encourage you as we step into a new year. If you feel pain, frustration, or fear, none of those things are a good enough reason to give up. Instead of allowing your discouragement to be the end, let it be the thing that gives you the encouragement you need to keep going. Don’t allow yourself to give up, because breakthrough may be just around the corner.


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