Going West

Going West

June 8, 2016 Faith Travel 0

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards” Soren Kierkegaard

Another ‘season’ has begun for our trip…we’ve headed west into a great deal of unknown – a strong contrast to the first half of our trip on the east coast which has been full of my past. It has felt surreal at times, but I have relished the opportunity for the relatives I knew as a child to become friends as an adult.

It has also been full of little miracles.  God’s hand has been so consistently apparent I often reflect in wonder at His interest:

The car dealer who went out of his way to make sure we wouldn’t have any trouble getting our car to NY to register it – we didn’t ask for his help, it was offered.

Our home away from home.

Or God making a straight path at motor vehicle to get the car registered in a friendly and easy way (I’ve never enjoyed a visit to the DMV so much).  The unusual details of that visit we relayed to anyone who would listen.

Or even the time the car made a horrible noise that we couldn’t get sorted until I prayed over it and then it turned out to be something simple.

And when Seth lost a couple of his favourite toys he got from his uncle and after searching everywhere Seth stopped and prayed for God’s help and then my dad found them under a seat I had checked under several times (keep in mind I’m a mom…I know how to look for things).  And those are only a few of the ways we have seen God’s hand.

He has opened doors of ministry on the east coast as well and we have been blessed to have the opportunity to minister in a few churches.  Several weeks ago we got to spend the morning at Glastonbury Community Church in Connecticut.  Matt preached and we shared a bit of our story – I keep being surprised at people’s reaction.  Our testimony has encouraged others to look at their lives and allow God to speak to them about where they could step out in more faith, or ask God what it is they need to surrender to Him.  It is humbling to be a part of that.

Last week we spent the morning at Capital Church, an opportunity that came up very unexpectedly in New York and again found encouragement for our own journey in the impact we are able to have in others lives.

Now we are headed to Ironwood Michigan where we will have another opportunity to share in a church, with more doors opening as we step forward…

…One step thou seest, then go forward boldly, one step is far enough for faith to see.” (Author Unknown)

This is how we go into the unknown future – one step at a time – knowing that God has gone before us and is with us at each step.

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