First Leg of the Journey

First Leg of the Journey

April 1, 2016 Travel 3
Matt Preaching at Milla Milla church Easter Sunday

With the first leg of our journey nearly done, we are enjoying a few days of NOT driving.  We’ve made it to Brisbane where we can relax  before we head to New Zealand for two weeks.

We spent the first day of our departure – Easter Sunday – with Milla Milla Church on Hockey’s farm, an amazing group of people who we have had the opportunity to get to know over the last few years of ministering in their church. Their fellowship is always a breath of fresh air and we felt incredibly blessed to share church with them on that special morning.

The trip south continued to give us the opportunity to catch up with friends in Townsville, Clermont, Roma, Caboolture and Brisbane who we don’t get the opportunity to see nearly enough.  It sometimes meant we stayed up longer into the night that we should have but always worth it.

Goodbyes are usually the hardest part of leaving. But while the goodbyes were hard, we felt humbled and blessed by so many people taking the time to say goodbye … The well wishes and the prayers we have found overwhelming and appreciate our friendships so much and look forward to sharing our journey with everyone. We have no idea what lies ahead for us besides the geography and are excited to finally be on our way…for real…



3 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    Enjoy Brisbane guys xx

  2. Mom says:

    we love being able to share in your journey. keep the posts coming and love, love, the pics. would love to see the people you are visiting!

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