Faith for the Journey

Faith for the Journey

November 12, 2015 Faith 0

Matt (my husband) and I have felt for a long time that we were called to full time ministry (sorry for the Christianese, but that’s why I’ve separated these posts from the other ones).  But it has been a long road to get there…and, well, we haven’t gotten there yet.  But God has faithfully opened doors of ministry and we have walked through them.

We are about to step onto a path that we have not walked before, but one we have dreamed of.  In March next year we are going to be traveling for several months overseas.

We’ve managed to save enough money (an amount that we can’t fully explain…but when God wants us to walk down a path, He directs our steps – Proverbs 16:9) which affords us the opportunity to travel for most of next year.  

We already have some opportunities for ministry but we are looking forward to continuing like we have been doing and walk through any doors that He opens on the way. 

I’ll be homeschooling my kids, which is new to me, but am surprised to find that I’m looking forward to it (not what I was expecting).

Our biggest challenge now is to not freak out as we get closer to our time of departure and also to finish what we have here to finish and not got too distracted by our adventure ahead.


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