Phase Two: I’m Pulling Back the Curtain

Phase Two: I’m Pulling Back the Curtain

October 25, 2019 Writing 0
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I sometimes fall into the trap of reevaluating what I’m doing so often that I never get anything done.

Changing your mind isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there is always the danger of changes becoming a slippery slope that slide into the mire of inaction.

Amazingly, things have remained on schedule. I’ve finished my book and moved onto the next phase.

But now there’s a change.

Originally I was going to keep it all under lock and key, but I’ve changed my mind…


If you’ve never heard of Wattpad, it’s a website for authors and readers to share work. Authors can upload their books a chapter at a time and readers can read them for free and comment as they go. It’s more amateur friendly than, say, Amazon, so a great place to get started and get your work out there.

But here’s the thing – When I started out on this particular venture, I got carried away with protecting myself. To make things easier, I removed as much vulnerability as possible. I made sure it was strangers reading my work and not friends and family because I’d hate for someone I know to read my stories and think “Is she kidding herself? She thinks she’s a writer?” …because, let’s face it, we all go straight to worse case scenario, am I right?

The Truth

I’d like to publish a book some day and get paid for it. But I’m still a novice, and unfortunately (or fortunately) the only way to improve is to be vulnerable.

The Plan

I am still publishing my book, one chapter at a time, on Wattpad (in fact I’ve already started and published chapter 22 yesterday), but instead of keeping it a secret I’m inviting some of you.

You don’t need to have a Wattpad account to read (I don’t think – don’t quote me on that) but it’s free to sign up. If you enjoy reading and would be interested in offering honest, constructive criticism on my book (if I wasn’t typing right now, I’d be biting my nails) I’d like to invite you to read it. There is no way for me to grow if I’m not willing to put myself out there and stop expecting my books to be brilliant. It won’t be my best work because I plan on improving as I go. But in order to improve, I need feedback.

The Book

My book is a romantic suspense and it’s pretty clean. It’s around 60k words so it’s on the short side (a lot of books these days are closer to 80 – and the fantasy genre is often quite a bit more). If you are keen to have a look, then you can put your details in the contact form below and let me know the email address you’d like me to send the link for the book to, otherwise you can email me at Shawna.coleing (at) Or if you’re on Facebook, feel free to send me a private note there. If you don’t hear back from me within a couple days, then assume somehow I haven’t seen your message and try to contact me another way.

It’s terrifying and exhilarating to put myself out there, but you know what they say ‘If you are not willing to look stupid, nothing great is ever going to happen to you.’


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