Why you Should Choose to be a Failure

Why you Should Choose to be a Failure

May 16, 2018 Faith 0


There is something in your heart. Perhaps it’s been there a long time, or maybe it’s new.

But it’s real and it’s rich.

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You daydream of its fulfillment. The conversations you will have with people. The excitement that bubbles up from deep inside. But when the reality of it sits before you – it’s easier to let it lie…dormant, to relish in the idea of it, rather than it’s fulfillment. That way, of course, you can’t lose.

Who are we kidding

I’ve been to enough women’s conferences to have heard – ‘what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?’ -enough times that it’s become annoying. The problem with exploring that scenario is that it’s unrealistic. It’s a fun idea to play around with, but does it get you closer to your dream?

If we were only willing to step out in faith if we feel a confidence that we won’t fail – we will never succeed. Not only that, but we miss out on the wisdom that failure teaches us.

Try this on for size

If you have a dream, there is a good chance that God put it there. But what if He told you, you would fail? Not only that you would fail, but that you had to fail in order to succeed? Would it still be worth it? Because the truth is that we need to pass through failure in order to get to success. That’s just the way things work. God uses failure to strengthen us, change us, grow us. Sound familiar? There is a reason we rejoice in our suffering (see Romans 5:3-5) [pullquote]We pass through failure in order to get to success[/pullquote]

So what are you waiting for? Take a minute now to lay your dream out before you and recognize that there are failures in your future. Failures that lead through to that success that you are so skillful at imagining. Remove the pressure to succeed and have a go at failing. It’s your journey and it’s ok. Now you have nothing to lose.

Lessons from Abraham

God told Abraham to go. He didn’t tell him about the challenges he would face or the things he would lose. He didn’t even tell him where he was going. He didn’t need to give him the map, what he gave him was the opportunity to obey. Now is your opportunity.


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