What Trapped Birds Taught me About being Rescued

What Trapped Birds Taught me About being Rescued

April 17, 2018 Faith 0


I could also name this post How I became a Disney Princess .

Bird Whisperer

We’ve lived in our current house for about 10 months. I especially love it because it’s an area that has an abundance of bird life. And while I’m no bird watcher…I’ve been watching. The Swallows constantly fly under our house – which I thought was really cool, until they started pooping on the clean clothes hanging on our undercover clothes line. Nonetheless, they are beautiful to watch…when they are outside.

We also tend to leave our back door open when we are home for airflow (like most people). There’s no screen and thankfully we live in a place with a low mosquito population (we really lucked out there). The above mentioned swallows also randomly fly in through the open door but because they are used to tight spaces, half the time they easily find their way back out. But they don’t always instinctively move toward freedom.  I don’t mind, because as they flap against the window I am able to gently grab hold of them and bring them back out to freedom. And every now and then they take a moment and sit on my hand admiring the freedom that I brought them to…see I told you I’m a Disney princess.


It made me think about finding myself trapped inside my own cages – made up of fear, self-doubt, insecurity…the list is endless. Sometimes I quickly recognise I’m stuck and need help and I allow God’s hands to wrap around me and carry me back out to freedom through his Word. Other times I’m not so willing – whether it’s because I haven’t yet realised I need help or because I don’t want to give up control just yet.


Like I said, we have a lot of bird life, which also includes Honey Eaters. The other day one found its way in – the first one I’d had in the house. They aren’t as patient as the Swallows or the Crimson Finches. I nearly shooed it out without needing to hold onto it, but alas, it went back for the closed window and continued it’s manic flapping – pleading with the invisible barrier to vanish. But in the end, all the birds allow me to take hold of them and gently carry them back out to freedom. The Honey Eater just lost a few more feathers in his haste to depart as he kept slapping against the window.

I can do it myself!

We are taught to be independent adults and yet a Christian walk is about being dependant on God. So the intendant side of me has this thing where I think I need to exhaust all my resources and all my energy before I can ask God for help. I forget that God doesn’t expect us to do ANYTHING on our own. Otherwise He wouldn’t have injected the Holy Spirit directly into our being. Otherwise Jesus wouldn’t have said ‘I do nothing of my own initiative but only what I see the father doing’.

Now just as a word of caution, I’m not saying you can’t make any decisions without praying about it first. In fact the closer you get to God and the more time you spend in regular prayer and regular Bible reading, your mind will be more and more moulded to Christs. What I am saying is: stop flapping incessantly against the window and allow God to take hold of you and lead you into the freedom he died for.


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