Back on the Radar

Back on the Radar

May 15, 2019 blogs Life Writing 0

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It’s been a while…a long while.

Over the last months my thoughts have drifted to my website, then quickly veered away. Far, far away. I should be blogging more, or at least that’s what I’m told in the endless ‘how to’s’ of authoring and social media. So here I am finally sitting at my desk and molding a blog post.

The best place to start is probably an update. I have given this website a facelift and moved my blogging website ( over here because really, what’s the point of having two? I had originally started this particular site because I was going to try my hand at content marketing, but soon realized that CM was not where I wanted to spend my time. Where I want to spend my time is writing fiction, and so I have turned this into my author website.

I finished my first Young Adult fiction book (rough draft) last year and learned so much through that process that I became very aware that the book needed to be torn down and rebuilt and I wasn’t ready for that so I put it aside and began working on another idea of which I am currently progressing nicely — another Young Adult fiction. The current book is set in the not too distant future and I have just passed the 30k word mark (with a goal of somewhere around 60-70K). By the way…if you are interested in being a Beta reader (someone who reads my book before it’s finished and gives feedback for what’s working and what’s not) for my books let me know.

I also have a writing experiment floating around in my head. I’ve got it on pause until I’m done with my current rough draft, so you’ll have to wait to hear more about that.

And finally (for now) if you are interested in a bit more insider information, sign up for the newsletter where I’ll be sharing book news first as well as extra stuff with regards to my writing journey that I won’t be posting on the website.


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