Another Update

Another Update

July 25, 2016 Travel 2

Coming up on 10,000 miles traveled I thought it was time for another update…

I left off last time in the Badlands and record high temperatures and storms.  The plan was to head for Grand Tetons National Park, but we had a quick trip through Mount Rushmore on the way to have a look at some giant presidents heads…nearly breaking the car with the climb and the hot temperatures.

Mount Rushmore

After leaving such an experience we were happy to find a reprieve in the form of a free campsite along a freezing cold, yet strikingly beautiful river in a gorge.  As we have found on this trip, free campsites are some of the best.

We moved on from that spot after two restful nights and not too much to report and found our way to another gorgeous spot on a river right outside Grand Tetons National Park and my first look at snow covered mountains.

Grand Tetons National Park

After the record highs of the Badlands we then spent two nights with below freezing temperatures…we didn’t have enough blankets in truth and it was a couple of cold nights trying not to move and leave the one warm spot created in a pocket under the blankets.

But the freezing temperatures were not to last and after exploring the Tetons for a day we moved to a camping spot inside Yellowstone National Park.  I will be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so busy and crowded.  Watching the wonder of Old Faithful blow…only a few minutes late…at an intimate spot with the other 300 or so tourists.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park

The traffic was crazy inside the park, and although we saw some incredible natural things – particularly in Biscuit Basin -I was glad to be out the other side and on the way towards Glacier National Park.

The beautiful colours of Buscuit Basin in Yellowstone National Park A blue pool at Biscuit Basin

One cool thing that happened in Yellowstone, completely unrelated to the park itself was that we met another family with kids similar ages on a similar journey.  We became old friends immediately and planned to meet up a little further on the trip (they had already been a few days in Yellowstone and were leaving as we were coming in).

It didn’t take long to catch up, however, and we found a great camp spot on a lake at Canyon Ferry – grown ups and kids alike enjoying good company.

The next day we moved a bit closer to Glacier National Park and camped together again at a boat ramp not far from the National Park, however, our time was a bit dampened when we got news that earlier that day a man had been killed by a Grizzly Bear only a few miles away.  We gathered the kids together and parked a bit closer to our friends – they had bear spray (yes it’s real thing) and we didn’t.

At this point we parted ways and we headed into Canada deciding to give Glacier a miss because the road into Canada on the other side was closed so we headed up to Banff.

Just outside of Banff in a town called Radium Hot Springs, we found another glorious free campsite looking back over the entrance to Banff.

Free camping spots are the best camping spots

My fingers are getting tired…is your brain…I hope I’m not moving too fast, but there is a lot to get out.

The next day we got up very early and headed back into town where we found the long horned sheep enjoyed the empty streets and so we got some real close ups as they wandered past the car.

Long Horned Sheep – picture taken through dirty window that doesn’t go down

After entering the park, we had a quick breakfast at Lake Louise, but it was already beginning to get busy even at the early hour we arrived so we headed to Jasper.

Breakfast at Lake Louise

It happened to be Canada day so we got the added bonus of free admission to the Park…yay for Canada! The sights were jaw dropping…’wow’ became the standard phrase around every turn.

Stunning scenery between Banff and Jasper This is basically every other photo on the drive. Incredible scenery

We were planning on camping just outside Jasper, but the beautiful blue sky turned gray and the rain began to pour.  We decided to make it the longest day of our journey and head straight for our friends in Kelowna…by the time we arrived, it ended up being a 15 hour drive.

I’m going to stop here because this is probably about all you can take in one head full… I will endeavour to add more shortly as that was back on July 1st…so a bit more has happened since then.

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  1. John & Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures! Makes us want to head out one of these days😀

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