A New Adventure in Writing

A New Adventure in Writing

June 21, 2019 Writing 2

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One of the hardest things about writing is…well, the writing part. I have finished one book. Sounds exciting right? It’s sitting quietly in a file on my desktop waiting for a time in the future when I have the stamina to look at it again.

There’s a second book, half finished, also sitting quietly in a file, because I found myself getting overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

I was trying to do too much: Make it important and powerful, fill it with hooks that don’t let the reader go, create sentences that sing, make the reader want to be a better person, change the world. And that was just the first paragraph.

I began to wonder what would happen if I wrote a book simply for entertainment purposes. If I took the stress out of writing something brilliant and just tried to make it fun to read, could I do it? Would it be easier? And what if I used a pen name so that when I put it out into the world, if it was horrible, no-one would know it was me. I could delete it and look at it as a learning curve.

So that’s what I’m doing.

I came up with a story idea and I’m following my gut. I’ve got a plan and I’m writing.

Want to know my pen name? Too bad. But I will tell you it’s got nothing to do with my actual name. It’s just a name I thought sounded good for the genre.

Did I mention I have a plan? When it’s finished there are things I’m going to do with it that I’m going to share, but I’m still not going to tell you my pen name (not straight away anyway).

Starting with an outline

I got my outline down. That was the easy part. That’s always been the easy part because I spend half the time daydreaming the story to find out what happens next.

And then I got stuck (not this again).

I had the whole thing ready to go. All the scenes were beautifully listed on the Scrivener cork board mode (so good — and I don’t even have an affiliate link for it). I enjoyed just looking at it and thinking about it. But writing it? Insert nervous laughter.

It reminded me of watching my daughter standing on a high part of the playground wanting desperately to jump. But every time she moved to jump she’d whimper and say her legs wouldn’t let her. That’s how I felt…

…I can say ‘felt’ now because I finally jumped. I’m into it and impatient to get on with it. I figured out how many words a day works for me without making me want to throw a temper tantrum.

I’ll leave it there for now (I know, I know, but you’ve got to have hooks). For those who are interested in following along this crazy little writing experiment, in the next post I’ll share some figures about where I’m at (because I love the figures…I’m always wasting time calculating how many words I have left and how long it will take me to finish depending on how many I write each day. )

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But seriously, I’ll be back soon…

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  1. Sandra says:

    Great to read about your new writing adventure, and that you’re writing something just for enjoyment. ♥

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