My Story

I was born an raised in Western NY State in a smallish town, and honestly, I was quite comfortable there (except for the cold). I graduated from college and an unexpected opportunity turned up to spend a year in Australia as part of a team that was starting a new church. I headed over in fridged January of 2002 and had a great time in the endless summer of tropical Far North Queensland.

Then three months before I left, I met my husband. We got married a year later and I moved my life permanently to Australia.

Fast Forward…

Currently, I’m married to the same man. Have three awesome kids (well, most the time) and my husband and I pastor a church here in Gordonvale QLD.

I have written and published my first book “Out of the Ordinary Devotions: A Parent’s Guide to using Minecraft as a Devotional Tool”. Click the title to learn more.

I also write Young Adult fiction (if you want to find out more about that journey you can subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated.) And I’m currently working on my second book…stay tuned.

If you’re interested in my shorter writing you can read my blog or have a look at my short stories.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.