Instead of trying to fit God inside of our box, we must allow Him to pull down the walls we have constructed around ourselves.  It’s then that He can truly transform our lives.


Jesus, outside the box

Firstly, you must understand that I am madly in love with Jesus.  I do my best to have the type of faith that walks on water, but I probably relate more to Peter when he began to sink.  I’m grateful I serve a God who always has His hand out to me.

I believe Jesus is God’s son and that He came to the earth to give us life. It is only through His sinless life, His sacrifice on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, that we are able to be free of sin and be adopted into the family of God. It’s why I can say that the creator of the universe is my dad.


Life, outside the box

I was born and raised in NY State, shy and not good at risk taking. I now live in Australia with my husband and our three kids.  God has chosen to open unusual doors for us to walk through and we always seem to do things different than everyone else. As we have stepped out more in faith and learned to trust God at increasing levels, He has molded our life around Him. It has meant we’ve had to sacrifice comfort at times.  We don’t own a house or a nice car, but we’ve traveled the world and lived in a cottage on the beach (among other things). It’s been a crazy journey so far and we wouldn’t change it for anything.


Ministry, outside the box

We have had the incredible opportunity to minister in churches around the world, encouraging the broader church. It’s something my husband and I are very passionate about.  It may sound flashy, but what that really means is that God has blessed us with relationships with people who have become very dear to us.

My husband and I pastor Alive Community Church in Gordonvale, QLD Australia and are loving it. My personal joy in ministry comes when encouraging women to discover who it is that God has made them to be.  I believe there are a lot of women who, if they only knew the incredible potential that God has knitted into each one of them, would be totally transformed.  I love to be used by God to help women discover who it is they really are, and to step out of their own boxes to fulfill their dreams. I have also recently published a book called ‘Out of the Ordinary Devotions: A Parents Guide to using Minecraft as a Devotional Tool’


Marriage, outside the box

Matt and I won’t settle for ‘good enough’ in marriage and you don’t have to either.  It can be tempting to allow your marriage to remain stagnant simply because it’s easier than fighting for more. But God created marriage to be a reflection of the marriage between Jesus and His church.  Through submitting ourselves and our marriage more fully to God and committing to do things His way our marriages can be an extraordinary example to the world.


Parenting, outside the box

There is nothing more frustrating than listening to ‘experts’ give opposite advice on the same issue.  The good news is that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect parents, but he does expect us to look to Him for help.  He loves our kids more than we do and He wants to walk beside us as we disciple them as they grow.  When we look to him for wisdom it’s amazing the unique advice and perspective He can give to us. It’s when we submit our parenting to Him that our everyday parenting can lead us to be great parents.


Anyone, anywhere can live life outside the box.  It doesn’t depend on circumstances, it depends on how much of our lives we’ve committed to God.  He wants to take your life to places you’ve only dreamed of because there is a pretty good chance he put those dreams there in the first place.  Don’t think for a minute that a life like that is only for other people, it’s for you – and you can start right now.

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