4 Intangible Reasons we are Having an Adventure

4 Intangible Reasons we are Having an Adventure

February 15, 2016 Faith Travel 0

“What what would you do if fear & money were not an issue?”

This question was asked at a meeting I recently attended and I was surprised to find – although I shouldn’t have been – I’m about to do it.  Travelling in 4 countries and a road trip across America is exactly what I would do – maybe with a better vehicle if money were no issue.

I shared a few weeks ago about 6 financial decisions that contributed to making this trip a reality, but money does not always have the last say – we are living proof.  There was a journey before this one – a road walked…sometimes trudged, toiled, slogged and maybe wandered off a time or two before arriving at this point.  I want to share a little of that process.

What follows is 4 of the intangible reasons this trip is happening…harder to understand and a little backward but necessary for our journey.

The Feels

We are not good at settling down.  Those who know us best can attest to that – and perhaps it even annoys some of them.  Often life has felt like one of those meetings that could have been an email, making life frustrating and at times nearly unbearable.  But along the way we learned feelings are not reliable, but God is and His plan for us is great.  When we began to trust Him despite our feelings, things began to fall into place.  Not only did we find peace amidst the same circumstances, but doors opened without effort that have added great treasure to our life.

Poor in money, not in spirit 

A few years ago Matt had a 6-figure job.  But the family suffered for the sake of money, so he gave it up and we trusted God for our provision. As our savings dwindled, our faith was exercised and so it strengthened.  As soon as our bank account was empty, Matt’s new job came through – contracted for three years (4 months short of our departure).  As the contract came to an end, he was head hunted for a job that filled the remaining 4 months.  Miraculously, the money we had saved with a 6-figure income we have saved for this trip…despite a much lower paying job, higher rent, and one more kid.  God is not stingy, although He tests our faith to prove it (1 Peter 1:7), but his nature is overabundance.

Sacrifice of Praise

This is a more recent revelation.  It came into focus after we had our flights changed and found out travel insurance doesn’t cover the cancellation of connecting flights.  We were at a loss (mentally and financially), not able to find a way forward.  Disheartened, we took it to God, but as I began to ask Him for help, I felt led to praise instead.  I thanked Him for being our provider.  Thanked Him because He is in control.  Thanked him for the opportunity to show our trust in him – and it brought peace and freedom into an otherwise discouraging situation and we were able to move forward.  It is a habit I have been nurturing and a welcome addition to our travels – when things don’t go as planned.

Stepping up

Matt and I have been in church a long time, but this is a new adventure in faith for both of us.  We decided to step up our dedication to time spent with God.   Last year we began getting up early once a week – before the kids – to pray together.  This year we built on that and now get up twice most weeks to pray.  It has done something unspeakable for both our marriage and our relationship with our heavenly father.  Our faith is increasing in ways we never imagined and we are confident in following God’s path.  Even when things don’t look so good, our God is still and always will be faithful and good to us.


The other day I was overwhelmed when thinking about the blessing that lies ahead.  God’s goodness and His faithfulness are real and He doesn’t need us to be fearless or millionaires.  If you seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness everything else will come without effort.   Believe He is who He says He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him (Hebrews 11:6)


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